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Happy Birthday, Wade Steel


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On 1/6/2019 at 6:43 PM, Boyle5150 said:

So I just found out that @SFLUFAN thanks people on his Facebook for birthday wishes, but he doesn’t thank any of us.  


I say say we cut his fucking head off. 

I apologize for the delayed response on here, but because I rarely visit Facebook, I prioritized addressing those individuals as I probably won't engage with them again for several months/years/if ever.

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13 hours ago, Bloodporne said:

He has joined Antifa and has defected to Cuba in hopes of practicing "True Communism" with his white boy dreadlocks, a copy of Anarchist Cookbook and Taco Bell rations to last approximately 17 months. I believe my presence on here is partially responsible for this ghastly turn of events. 

I can neither confirm or deny that such a plan exists within my contingency operations file.

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