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Titan RTX - $2,500.00 - 15% faster than 2080ti - out in 2018


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25 minutes ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Maybe this one can do ray tracing above 1080p!

IT...can not. Below is the core count difference. We are looking at MAYBE a 10-15% boost over the Ti. That's best case scenario. It does have 24Gb of VRAM and its bandwidth is slightly higher, but that will result in dick all for gaming purposes. Now typically the Titan is launched first and the Ti comes along to provide a "budget" solution by way of comparison. In this case, this card is clearly tailored toward design work. 


                                            RTX 2080 Ti                                Titan RTX
CUDA Cores / GPU        4352                                              4608

Tensor Cores / GPU       544                                                576
RT Cores                           68                                                  72

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