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Robocall with artificial Joe Biden voice tells Democrats not to vote

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I hope they make an example out of whoever is behind this, but man it just makes me wish that the FCC would get their act together and fix the robocalling nightmare. STIR/SHAKEN was supposed to help them crack down and at least stop number spoofing. My personal impression is that it hasn't made much of a dent.

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I saw something with a congressman complaining about how they wont be able to pass legislation to address this practice because of how jacked up congress is.


While he is correct about congress I see no way legislation would ever be able to prevent this crap. It hasn't stopped spam and scam phone calls. Why the hell do they believe it would stop this? Especially since it mostly originates out of the country.


Honestly the only way to prevent this stuff would be by finally abandoning our antiquated telephone technology in favor of other communication methods. Being able to spoof phone numbers as such makes these scams way too easy.

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16 minutes ago, Jason said:

I'm confused about why Biden wasn't actually on the ballot in NH. 


My understanding is because Biden has wanted the primary to be in South Carolina, not New Hampshire, and so he's just ignoring New Hampshire.



Allies wanted voters to write President Biden in on the 2024 New Hampshire primary election ballot anyway.


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