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The dream was almost real


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As I've mentioned before on the CEB, as someone with a disability, I've always wanted to get called for jury duty. Not to actually do jury duty, but just to witness the clusterfuck of the court staff, clerk, and judge awkwardly trying to figure out what to do with someone who's a functional quad and has a personal care aide. It would be glorious. I'm registered for the draft for the same reason (the waiver process is a pain in the ass too).  


Today, the dream was almost realized, and better.


I got a call from a Sergeant at Sheriff's Office in my former county to inform me that I have a warrant for missing federal grand jury duty, and they have my signature receiving the summons. I explained I moved out of county over a year ago. He then said I'll need to do signature analysis with the County Sheriff's Office where I live now or I'll be arrested. 


Imagine, Sheriff Deputies trying to figure out how to do signature analysis on someone who can't hold a pen. Imagine Deputies trying to figure out the logistics of how to get me to jail for booking. It would have been beyond glorious. 


But no, the dream was not to be, it was a scam. First clue was the guy said my old town's name wrong, it wasn't a area code near that county, and I called the actual Sheriff's Office to confirm I have no warrant. I was robbed, maybe one day it will be real. 

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We should at least try and get you on Amazon’s “Jury Duty” to fuck around with someone for a bit. As someone who once had to wait 5hrs for my traffic incident recollection of being rear ended at +50KM/H (no, you do the mph) So because she hit me so hard, she was charged under the highways act of laws while driving on a public road. I had to take the day off work and everything, only to be told that they agreed to a plea deal. 

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