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GamesIndustry.biz presents...The Year In Numbers 2023 (lots of infographics!)

Commissar SFLUFAN

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As the holidays draw near, it's the time for us to indulge and feast upon pie… charts. And bar graphs, tables, and other statistics.


I refer to, of course, the annual GamesIndustry.biz Year In Numbers infographic, providing you with a snapshot of where the video games business stands as the year ends (perfect for sounding knowledgeable in any remaining meeting you unfortunately have coming up in the last couple of days before the break).


As always, a huge thank you to the experts that share their data and help us compile this together.




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1 hour ago, Keyser_Soze said:

Remember when @johnny said Hogwarts didn't get it's fair shake and it literally propelled PS5 sales and became the best selling game of the year?

i should have clarified i meant by the media people that review games. some people flat out refused to review it. i knew it would sell well because its HP and most people don’t care about one person’s views 

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