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How Much Do (Top) Twitch Streamers Make


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I've been curious about the economics of Twitch streaming for a while. Most of this isn't surprising, but I really didn't know how much sponsored streaming was worth, $0.01-$1 per viewer per hour can be pretty good money for a top streamer. 



I hope Toast decides to do a similar video talking about the difficulty in maintaining viewership. I've seen streamers go from averaging 2-5k viewers to 200-500 in a couple months. Streamers ability to bring viewers across games varies wildly, and the effect that taking breaks from a regular streaming schedule seems to be very impactful for some and less for others. It's a difficult business, even if it can be quite lucrative for those at the top.


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Super interesting to see someone that large talk so openly about their numbers.


And, just to point out the obvious, this video should be titled "How much money do the TOP Twitch streamers really make".

You need to be averaging 200 subscribers a month to even make minimum wage. 


And, I'll say as someone that averages ~200 average viewers per stream, ad views are worthless. They are peanuts compared to the other sources of month on Twitch. 

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