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  1. Isn't this game wholely owned by Microsoft? If so, I'll be very shocked to see it on Steam. Microsoft has only been doing PC games recently with their garbage MS Store/Xbox App
  2. AshsToAshs

    Microsoft X018: The Official Thread

    Viva Pinata 3 or i riot
  3. I still have the collectors edition box >>
  4. Super interesting to see someone that large talk so openly about their numbers. And, just to point out the obvious, this video should be titled "How much money do the TOP Twitch streamers really make". You need to be averaging 200 subscribers a month to even make minimum wage. And, I'll say as someone that averages ~200 average viewers per stream, ad views are worthless. They are peanuts compared to the other sources of month on Twitch.
  5. AshsToAshs

    Sony Marvel’s Spider-Man | PS4 OT

    I got to play it for 10-15 minutes this weekend at PAX West. Swinging around and navigating the city was extremely enjoyable. Combat was fun, but as my demo was time limited I really just focused on swinging around. Day 1 purchase for me.
  6. New interview with Max Schaefer goes over the gameplay, pets, and player houseing https://www.mmorpg.com/torchlight-frontiers/interviews/max-schaefer-on-housing-pets-progression-and-more-1000012964 This bit on player housing i thought was pretty interesting:
  7. Oh man that gameplay looks like a lot of fun. I'm fully on the hype trains. CHOO CHOOOOO!
  8. Oh shit! I knew Max Schaefer had left Runic a couple of years ago to start up a new studio. With Runic only working on Hob, I assumed Torchlight was dead at that point. Really interesting to see Max now working on Torchlight at a new studio. Now that I know Max is involved, I'm considerable more hyped.
  9. AshsToAshs

    General Gaming BEST OPEN WORLD DEV

    Rockstar and CDPR are obvious choices. I'd like to give an honorable mention to: Insomniac Sunset Overdrive was one of the most fun open world games I've ever played. And Spider-Man looks to be an amazing open world as well.
  10. Awesome news. I'd love to see a remaster come out.
  11. I agree with this. I kinda feel like Linux needs a complete usability overhaul. Make it dead simple for the average joe to use. If at any point I have to type in a command to do something, it's still not simple enough.
  12. Last year I would have agreed with this statement. But with how amazing recent streaming services like Parsec seem to perform, I think input lag is now a non-issue.