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Terminator 2 Would Have Been VERY Different If Ahnuld Got his Way Because He Wanted to Outdo Stallone

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Arnold Schwarzenegger wanted a bloodier and deadlier Terminator 2: Judgment Day but James Cameron shot him down.

During a panel at the Academy Museum of Motion Pictures ahead of a screening of the Terminator sequel, Schwarzenegger said that his rivalry with fellow action star Sylvester Stallone pushed him to want a much different kind of film.

“The reason why it became a big hit was, number one, Jim Cameron. Jim Cameron is a genius writer,” Schwarzenegger said. “He came up with this brilliant idea, even though at the beginning I was suspicious. He said ‘I want to make you a good Terminator.'”


He continued, “I said ‘What do you mean a good Terminator?’ I was killing 68 people in the first one. In the second one I have to kill 150. We go up! Cut their throats and shoot them with a cannon and run them over with a car.’ I had to outdo Stallone. I said that my whole mission was being number one at killing amounts of people on screen.”

However, Cameron already had an idea of what he wanted for Terminator 2 and shot down Schwarzenegger’s suggestion.

“He said ‘Arnold, stop it. You’re a very sick guy. I am gonna make sure that in Terminator 2, you’re not gonna kill one single person,’” Schwarzenegger recalled. “I said that’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. How can this be Terminator 2 without me killing anyone? At least throw a few token bodies in there.”


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This gets talked about in the Arnold Netflix doc that came out a few weeks ago (from both Arnold and Cameron). Actually pretty hysterical.

”… can I at least shoot people in the leg or something?”

”sure, Arnold. You can shoot people in the leg”

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2 hours ago, TwinIon said:

Breaking news: one of films all time great storytellers made good story decisions making one of his best films.


2 hours ago, 5timechamp said:

Arnold was very fortunate to have solid caretakers guiding his career and projects..

I wonder what Stallone could have done with a visionary creator guiding a couple of his projects

THIS. This is the point. Stallone's problem was that he WROTE Rocky which won an Oscar and gave him TREMENDOUS behind the camera clout as well as in fron of the camera throughout the 80's. He had also directed a couple of film himself so I don't think there were too many directors that could overrule him. Arnold, fortunately for him, worked with GREAT directors who knew how to best utilize him despite his limited range. That's the contrast being drawn here.

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