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I watched 'Plan 9 from Outer Space' yesterday and have a question (open spoilers because it doesn't matter)

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How did Ed Wood direct this thinking it was good?


You can see the string on the UFO. 




You can see a microphone's shadow.




Even for the 1950s, this was bad. And from everything I already knew about the movie, including the bits from the movie 'Ed Wood,' the thing that stuck out was the reuse of the same take used in different scenes. Vampira is watching the mourners after that inspector or whoever died; they use that same take for something else later. They kept using the same take of Bela as a vampire thing walking outside in the daytime and just walking around, and it'd be mixed with the presumably younger actor playing that same character!


And for whatever reason, the time of day changes randomly in some scenes!


I looked up some 'Ed Wood' clips, and I didn't notice it while watching, but it informed me that the cockpit was apparently the same set as the alien ship's exterior? Or something like that!



Phew, this was so bad. I knew it going in, but I still had to see it to really take it in. I've never seen 'The Room' front to back, and that movie seems to take itself seriously, and so does this, which I think doubles how bad it is.


I didn't even talk about the alien dialogue conveying how dumb humans are! 

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1 hour ago, Kal-El814 said:

Seinfeld made you do this, didn't it?

I brought up during the movie that this was featured in The Chinese Restaurant. :p 


But it just happened to be one of the movies we considered. This won out over Vertigo and Jaws.

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2 hours ago, Kal-El814 said:

Also, @legend, @Greatoneshere... take note. This movie came out in the 1950's and the spoilers are open because it is simply not possible to spoil media that is slightly fresher than the Korean War. :p


I dunno, the thread title clearly is marked as open spoilers to allow a person to read at their own discretion!

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