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The Creator (29 September 2023) - sci-fi action film starring John David Washington (Tenet) and directed by Gareth Edwards (Rogue One)

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  • Commissar SFLUFAN changed the title to The Creator (29 September 2023) - sci-fi action film starring John David Washington (Tenet) and directed by Gareth Edwards (Rogue One)
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It looks great, and it's hard to say no to original, big-budget sci-fi. The premise seems a bit trite, but there's real potential here. Edwards certainly knows how to deal with scale while keeping focus on character, so he seems well suited to this one.

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What's wild is that I had always thought this was a Neil Blomkamp picture, but kudos to Edwards for assembling something genuine. I hope it connects with audiences & that they go out in droves to see it. If not for any other reason, the timely topical nature of the subject matter.

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Saw it last night in Dolby Cinema and this is a film that prioritizes the rule of cool above all else. It's skin deep but with a hell of a skincare routine. It looks fantastic throughout and there is no indication that they were pulling any punches to save money. It's honestly shocking that this was made for $80M. The South Asia Blade Runner look really works, even if there is plenty about it that doesn't entirely seem justified.


Which is really the problem with the film. As cool as everything looks, none of it makes a lick of sense. It's a series of tropes all cobbled together into the sci-fi equivalent of a Bluth model home. It moves at enough of a pace and with sufficient confidence that I was mostly able to turn off my brain and enjoy the ride, but if you start pulling at any strings the facade falls part quickly.


Unfortunately, Edwards inability to sell the ideas likewise extends to the emotion. There are some strong feelings on screen that never entirely translated to me in my seat. It's not cringeworthy, and I think the actors do well with what they're given, it just failed to connect with me.


The Creator is a fun ride with a great look. If you can avoid mentally interrogating any of it's ideas while in the theater, you should be able to enjoy it.



Just quickly though, I have to comment on some of the spoilery nonsense.


NOMAD is a real poster child for the rule of cool. It looks like it's hovering at ~5000 feet, but it's supposed to be in orbit. It's got that awesome looking laser thing, but as far as I can tell it has no real purpose other than to warn targets. Its only weapons capabilities seem to be conventional missiles, which is just confusing. How does spending a trillion dollars to put missiles in low orbit win a war against AI? It looks cool, and it serves a narrative purpose to focus your attention, but come on. It really seems like they could have come up with a better reason for it to exist. Maybe targeted EMP blasts?


They also really fail to explain the child as a weapon. There's an off hand remark about the kid being really advanced and maybe growing but it's not clear why that matters. It seems like they're hinting at a Blade Runner 2049 scenario, but if they are they never say it out loud. The connection to Joshua seems like it could have been used as a reason for him to bond with Alphie, but in the end its treated as a reveal, not that "we created this machine after scanning an embryo" really makes sense. In the end the only thing that matters about him is that he can shut down and control electronics, but it also seemed like Alphie kept forgetting she could do it. There were just too many tropes stuffed into one character and it mostly didn't matter.


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