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Rumbleverse rumored to be shutting down after 6 months


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I remember playing this on PS5 when it launched. My kids and I hated it.  Just going by the art style you might think it was sort of kid friendly but definitely not.  Start off on a ship and you launch yourself from a cannon on to the map. From there you run around trying to fight people. We played about 2 hours and even I was having trouble remembering the moves. Got tossed around repeatedly, deleted it, and never thought of it again.

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It's a really good game. A great game, even. Super fun melee combat and grappling. A slight learning curve but a lot more fun and fair than other battle royales because you can legit beat the shit out of multiple people if you're better than them, without having to worry about randomly dying to a sniper shot, since it's melee-based.


Of course, they released it exclusively on EGS on PC so it was doomed from the start. Dunno how the console situation was.

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From a marketing perspective, I’m not sure about it being THAT close to the fortnite art style. Especially with it being an epic store exclusive on pc. Like, out of context that picture in the OP would look like an advertisement for some new fortnite mode to me.

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