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COD ocd related... Who knows there way around this game lol


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My OCD is so bad when it comes to games and stats. One thing in this game that bothers me is my overall wins and losses don't equal my total number of games played.


I'm trying to at least get nice even numbers. Say 50 wins 50 loses 110-115-120 games played. Something like that.


Now in the past I used to enter a game that was already in progress and let myself lose to add to games played but not wins or loses.


Here I think the mechanic of not losing a game in progress is still broken. Even after they claimed to fix it.


So far the only thing that works is if a game ends in a draw but that's hard to come by.


Any other creative solutions as ridiculous as this might seem?

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11 minutes ago, Biggie said:

You do you. I'm not judging. I play CoD just about every damn day and I don't think I have ever checked my stats.


There was one year I needed 1 more game, 1 more loss, 1 more death and about 3 minutes play the to end each category in a nice even number. 


I had one player chase me all around trying to kill me while I had to make sure I didn't hit my mouse accident killing him lol. After he killed me I still had about 2 minutes of hiding to do, praying no one found me and I didn't die again haha do this with pretty much all my games at the end


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3 hours ago, DarkStar189 said:

Will you go back to a cod game after you get your stats to a certain point? Or is the game done and retired? 


Haha great question. 100% done.


Recent exceptions that had me saying omg nooooo... Mario Kart 8 when all my stats were perfect and they announced the 6 wave bundle pack.. Who could see that coming?


And Far Cry 6 with the new Lost Worlds Dlc that no one asked for. Luckily I've recovered from that one lol

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