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Sports Story is finally out!!!!


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5 minutes ago, Biggie said:

What kind of game is this?


Its a sequel to Golf Story if you’ve ever played that. That game was sort of like the gameboy advance  Mario Golf if you remember that, but less emphasis on real golf, and more on special challenges and story. 


Now it’s like that with more sports to play! So you will walk around through really nice 16bit pixel art and talk to people, increase your rank, explore, and play around in silly sports activities. 


There is some real golfing too on courses I should say, not sure if there are regular matches in other sports in this one or not.


Everyone I know who played Golf Story really liked it.

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I don’t buy that it’s a real like disgruntled message. I think it was just a joke that probably seemed in bad taste as they rushed towards launch and they cut it or something. I don’t think it’s implied they are over worked by any nefarious means, I think it’s just like a couple people at the studio, though I’m sure the joke was rooted in some self deprecating truth. 


Im waiting for the patch before starting though yeah 

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