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YouTube flags horror video as “for kids,” won’t let creator change rating

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On 7/6/2022 at 12:21 AM, thewhyteboar said:

If I were president, my first act would be banning guns, my second would be deleting YouTube. 

The whole country would laugh at the first part. It would last about a day before courts overturned it. 


YouTube isn't a problem, imo. It's definitely the least harmful of the platforms, imo. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the real problems. 


10 hours ago, unogueen said:

They're trying make AI work.

No. I mean yes, Google is doing AI and trying to get it to work, but the problem with googles algorithm isn't AI. It works exactly as it was designed, to lead people to the next popular video of that type. It keeps engagement up. 



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