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A truly horrifying Twitter thread about the genocide that occurred in Tulsa, OK a century ago today

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I find it abhorrent that I never learned about this in high school. I never learned about it in college, either. So much of US history that doesn't cover the important achievements of white men gets glossed over, if even mentioned at all. Even when it is focused on, they focus on Rosa Parks, MLK and Frederick Douglass, who are much more palatable to the white person than, say, malcolm x or Harriet Tubman. And even then, they omit things about MLK, like the fact that he was a socialist.


Shit, they didn't even teach that my own state literally didn't allow black people until the (iirc) 30's. It was literally illegal to be black in Oregon. And that goes into the whole grey area of abolitionists who were still very, very racist. The early settlers of oregon were very firmly anti-slavery, but also very firmly anti-black. They believed (as did Lincoln until fairly late in his presidency, once he became friends with Douglass) that black people should "go back where they came from." 


"Give a poor white person someone to look down on, yadda yadda yadda you got GOP."

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