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Holy Hell! this is crazy

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My 8 year old 770 finally bit the dust and I'm looking online for a GTX1060, GTX 1650, or a RX 570 and the prices from reputable sources are astounding.  At these prices I might as well just get a 3060.  It would be a severe bottle neck but I will eventually be upgrading my i5 3570K, motherboard, and memory later.  Any input on not spending $300-$400 on a card that should cost $200.


Also need to get a recommendation on a newer wifi card, just realized that the one I've been using is going on 10+ years.

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If you can afford to replace the other stuff now, getting a pre-built PC is the easiest way to get a decent video card at a decent price. For Wi-Fi you can get a motherboard that comes with an antenna for both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. If you need something for Wi-Fi right away you can get a cheap USB adapter to use temporarily.

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On 5/6/2021 at 10:25 AM, Keyser_Soze said:

Damn, a 2080ti going for 3k!


If only I had a new card to replace it with :(


Yea it's just unbelievable really.  I could score a 3080 or 3080Ti at retail { Of course I know that's the problem } and then sell my Zotec Extreme 2080Ti for a 2k profit. That's very hard to imagine.  Most likely just a few hundred over what I paid for it, but still wow! Thing is, after seeing the all unfold I'm just gonna wait for the 40 series. I can't be hunting down graphics cards and next gen consoles it's just not me, but it is so crazy to see the prices some are actually getting for even 1080ti's !

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