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Ammon Bundy Still an Idiot, Experts Say

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This latest incident involving the anti-government activist comes five months after he refused to follow coronavirus protocols at a high school football game.



In "Who the fuck cares about this asshole, but I think it's kind of funny" news, Ammon Bundy - the former guy who you might remember led an insurrection that took over a federal building and got sent a bunch of dildos - has been arrested again. He refused to wear a mask in court, so the courtroom wouldn't let him enter and the judge charged him with missing his court date. 


What was his court date for? He got arrested for refusing to move to a different part of the Idaho statehouse after a hearing was switched to another building. He literally wouldn't get out of his chair. He also refused to wear a mask during his son's football game, leading to the game being canceled halfway through.


I think it's kind of funny that his whole shtick is just sitting down somewhere and not getting up. That's what he does best.

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15 minutes ago, b_m_b_m_b_m said:

Didn't he have like 1 or 2 halfway decent takes during the trump years, too? Or am I thinking of another western insurrectionist?


He said something reasonable about Black Lives Matter I think (lol realized as I was typing it that I shouldn't just use BLM). 

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