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The Nuon is back, but not really


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Songbird Prodictions had the crazy idea to do an official reprint of one of the rarest Nuon games for the world's most obscure gaming platform.  You might want to reconsider calling 2020 the strangest year ever.  If you happen to own a Nuon and want a copy, this is a one time deal, and once it's gone, it's gone forever.  



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22 hours ago, Reputator said:

You're missing some critical stuff here.


Here's a link to the product page.


And if you're like me and have no idea what this game is, here's some footage:




I didn't think anybody would actually have any interest in ordering it given how rare Nuon players are.  😂 


14 hours ago, Mr.Vic20 said:

Is this the same iron soldier as the series started on the Atari Jaguar? I read the wiki and apparently there was a second Iron Soldier released after the Jag was canceled, so I'm guessing yes? 


Yeah, it's a continuation of the Jaguar series.  Iron Solider 3 also had a PS1 release.  The Nuon on edition is the same game, but with 3D accelerated graphics.  The Nuon edition is quite rare as it had a bug in it that affected certain models of Nuon enabled DVD players, so the game was recalled and pulled from store shelves.  That's what makes this release somewhat special as it's a new opportunity to get it.  The bug is still present in this release.


The creators of the Nuon platform were actually the designers of the Jaguar.  The Nuon was at one point supposed to be the follow-up to the Jaguar.  It still has some of its Atari roots too as the music visualizer in it was Jeff Minters VLM and it's the only platform to ever see Tempest 3000.  Another game on it, Merlin Racing, was basically the unofficial sequel to Atari Karts on the Jaguar too. 


6 hours ago, Rodimus said:

This is that DVD player that can also play a handful of games for it right?


Yeah, if my memory is correct, a whole 12 games were ever made for it.  The only release from that era I personally own is Tempest 3000 as that was basically my only reason I even wanted a Nuon DVD player in the first place.

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On 2/25/2021 at 10:56 PM, Ghost_MH said:

Didn't the Nuon's gamepad have an N64 layout, complete with c buttons? That and Tempest 3000 is about as much as I know about this console thing.


A company called HPI sold a controller for it that was a N64 knockoff.  The Nuon had a number of different controllers.  Even Logitech made one for it.  I've heard quite a few of the Nuon controllers are now failing though and you cannot really repair them as what's failing is the proprietary chip Nuon controllers use.  


On 2/27/2021 at 6:18 AM, Rodimus said:

I would want temptest if the controller is a wheel.



The Nuon used a proprietary chip in its controller making repos impossible.  Apparently one person bought all the chips and made a controller PCB board at one time.  Some made spinners for Tempest 3000 with it.  The guy said back in December he was going to make a new round of boards, but it's been crickets since.  I'm really hoping he does and I have no controller for mine.  I'd love to build a spinner controller for T3K as I know it's considered one of the best if not the best edition.  Tempest 4000 actually uses some of the gameplay elements from T3K and even some of its soundtrack.  Shame fake Atari is such an ass to Jeff Minter and T3K will never see the day of light elsewhere.  


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On 3/2/2021 at 3:13 PM, Rodimus said:

I was disappointed with the arcade1up's Tempest spinner in while it was a dial it clicked not spun.


Sounds awful.  I had a fear that spinner wouldn't be up to snuff.  I know those spinners they've been using in custom Tempest controllers have a tendency to be the most expensive part in the controller by quite a bit.  I always debated getting one for my Jaguar, but T3K seems like the edition I'd spend more time with.  Plus the Nuon supports component video so it's a little more accessable for modern displays.  

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