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Fantasy book series recommendations.


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Hello, as it says in the title. I’m looking for a good fantasy series (preferably where the series is either complete or were close to a next book). Any sub-genre is fine but I did love the Kingkiller Chronicles and the Farseer trilogy along with your usual Harry Potter and Game of Thrones.



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The two that immediately leap to mind for me would be The "Death Gate Cycle" and the "Wheel of Time". Please keep in mind, I read these in the 90s so I'm uncertain that they hold up, but my instinct says they do. Oh and a bonus series is a guilty pleasure, but I've still enjoyed it, and that would be the Dresden Files. The first book is a little cringe these days, but once the world building happens, in subsequent books, it really paints a fun world with many enjoyable story arcs and tons of satisfying call backs. 

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