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CBS poll shows most Democrats see Republicans as their political opponents and most Republican see Democrats as their enemies.

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1 hour ago, Commissar SFLUFAN said:

This is fantastic!


It pleases me greatly to know that I shouldn't feel any guilt whatsoever (not that I actually would anyway!) in my view of Republicans as my mortal adversaries!

I also have no qualms viewing Republicans as my enemy.  Republicans as they are today are a threat to this country and world.

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8 hours ago, Komusha said:

Even if it is technically true that most democrats don't see republicans as enemies, 40% still do and that's a number is too high to ignore.

i may not be able to speak for all of the 40%, but I definitely feel that way way because at least 60% of Republicans feel that way. And even if it is just 60% their media, elected officials, and even some churches are trying to make it 100% of Republicans see Democrats as the enemy. So I don’t feel sorry being in that 40% of Democrats. 

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