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I don't believe in boogeymen [this is an incohesive rant]

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One common thread that seems to exist in extremist propaganda, in any direction, is the concept of "they." THEY want to take your guns. THEY want to inject your blood with nanobots. THEY want to [insert whatever].


Who are "they?" Why do "they" want to do what you assume "they" are doing? How are "they" communicating? Why is everyone seemingly sworn to secrecy?


Has anyone here ever worked on a group project with more than 6 people? Has anyone ever found that everyone is on the same page, all of the time? And yet, you also believe that thousands, or tens of thousands of people can secretly work on a clandestine plot to overthrow society, without a single person breaking ranks, ever? The Clintons can't can't get a blow job in the oval office without it leaking, or keep e-mails on a private server a secret, yet they can somehow hire hit squads to assassinate thousands of people without a single leak? Bill Gates can work with thousands of scientists to work on a secret nano bot vaccine project without a single person leaking it? 9-11 was an inside job that required the cooperation of thousands of people in various forms of government, and after almost 20 years, not a single person involved has spoken up, even on a deathbed confession?


What I've found is that people who believe this shit believe that "they" are doing it for money and/or control (to get more money). However, what I've found is that greed and cooperation don't go hand in hand. Sometimes interests might align temporarily, but if you think for a second that Pfizer has been sitting on a cure for AIDS for decades so that THEIR COMPETITION can keep making money, you're a moron. Pfizer and Moderna or whoever might align on lobbying interests, but you bet your sweet ass if Pfizer landed on a cure for cancer, they wouldn't bury it to save Moderna's fucking stock price.


I don't know where else I'm going with this. I just hear too much shit about people secretly pulling strings behind the scenes. Sure, there are plenty of nefarious people out there. Greed is absolute and everywhere. It's just that in my experience, greed does not generally breed cooperation.


People suck, and you should always be skeptical of rich people and their motives. But don't buy into the illuminati bullshit.


There are no boogeymen. There is no illuminati. There are no secret cabals of mustache twirling white men deciding the fates of everyone. I mean, mustache twirling evil white men do exist, they just don't tend to work together for very long.

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