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  1. Spider-Man is a bunch of games you've already played but with Spider-Man in it. Tropical Freeze is one of the best platformers ever made, and is a complete audio/visual/aesthetic triumph. If I didn't still have it on Wii-U, I would buy it again for $60 on Switch without batting an eye.
  2. I love that the first reply is someone concerned about "moral guardians encroaching on my hobbies". Fucking gamers. Thanks for sharing these, because I think they do a good job of highlighting the effects that "modern warfare" has on people besides making them feel slightly pensive during the next loading screen. The more realistic games get, the less I find myself wanting to play shooters. I remember being fairly turned off by Max Payne 3 because the damage and physics were so realistic that it began to make me queasy. Maybe there is a way to challenge perceptions of warfare and combat via a video game, but I have my doubts about CoD being the franchise to do it.
  3. It's sort of ambiguous at this point, but what is the likelihood of being able to play "next-gen" games on current Xbox hardware? I don't care much about specs or frame rate, because most stuff I see is indistinguishable to my eye, save for the tiniest details. If I can conceivably play games in the future via a combination of Game Pass and X Cloud, then I'll just get a One S and be done with it.
  4. Devolver has an incredible track record, so I'm interested in anything that they put out. Almost cut myself on all of that edge in the Devolver Direct.
  5. Game Pass will be the reason that I get an Xbox instead of a Playstation the next time I buy a console. Most of my favorite games are third party, so exclusive games don't do a lot for me, and I usually only play through games once before selling/trading them. Being able to drop $10 a month to play one or two games that might cost $30 or $60 if I purchased them at retail is a no-brainer, and the influx of interesting indie games is a huge plus - that's what I primarily play anyway.
  6. I live in Colorado and am offended by how interesting they made Colorado Springs look.
  7. I don't have an Xbox but Game Pass has me considering getting one - everything that I want to play seems to be on there.
  8. Is the issue that there are leaks, or that the people complaining about them have the self control of a child? How hard is it to just not look at this stuff?
  9. It's a good game. I played it without knowledge of the first two, and it does a really great job of recapping the story in way that feels natural and cinematic. The gameplay can be rough around the edges, and the shooting I found to be sluggish overall, but the environment and the atmosphere are really top-notch, and despite the awkward and stilted dialogue, it's an interesting and well-told story. If you approach it with the understanding that it's an ambitious and creative but flawed game, you'll have a great time.
  10. This is equal parts fascinating and depressing. Left 4 Dead and Portal are two of my absolute favorite games, and I'd long considered myself an acolyte of Valve before they discovered where the real money was. I just read another article about this for an organizational design class that I'm taking, and the impression is very similar to what the previous employee relayed about their structure - the lack of formal authority or control masks a very real power structure that's exploited at the whims of a few powerful individuals. The article also mentions that this flat hierarchy tends to produce higher rates of sexual harassment, and asserts that the same flexible org structures may contribute to the culture of predation that's so prevalent in the entertainment industry at large.
  11. There's seemingly a dearth of interesting news at this year's E3, but I'm always in interested in what sort of surprise/shadow releases might happen during the conference. What are everybody's bets on this? Do you anticipate any exciting releases that coincide with any of the presentations? There's a rumor that Cadence of Hyrule may be released, and I'd be super excited about that.
  12. Have you played Ape Out? It's a top down action game and plays similarly to Hotline, but I liked it much, much more.
  13. I just finished another replay of Wolfenstein: The New Order, and am now onto The New Colossus again. I saved Wyatt this time, because in my initial playthroughs I chose Fergus. I was again amazed at how moving I find the story, music, and performances in these games. Lots of modern games strive for realism to deliver a cinematic experience, but end up feeling less like video games and more like mediocre movies that you occasionally get to control (The Last of Us). Wolfenstein wholeheartedly embraces that it's a video game and is not afraid to lean into its own absurdity, but at the same time treats its characters and story in a very grounded and emotionally mature manner. This gives the games an incredibly bizarre tone, and it's miraculous that Machinegames is in total control of it the entire way through. The Coen brothers remarked in an interview that successful direction really boils down to tone control, and by that metric, these games are as successful as it gets. I've seen others remark about the gameplay not being up to par, and I have to say I disagree. I find the gunplay to be beefy, tactical, and very fun. The level design is sometimes a bit too simple, but I think both games feel great to play. They are on my shortlist for favorite games this gen.
  14. I've done something similar with RE2, though I haven't spent quite as much as with it as you have. It's basically a middle finger pointed at modern game design sensibilities - the campaign is so tight and so well designed that I wouldn't care if it was even shorter than it is. My only criticism is that the sewer section is a bit too long, but otherwise there is zero wasted space. It feels almost Nintendo-like in it's focus on lean, muscular design, and it's a reminder of why the current obsession with length-padding and endless leveling has sucked much of the fun out of video games (at least for me). It doubt anything else this year will top it personally.
  15. I've thought about snagging Not a Hero as well, but it looks like the reception is mixed. It's cheap enough that I'll probably go ahead and get it regardless.
  16. Devolver Digital is currently having sale to celebrate their 10th anniversary, with deep discounts on several Switch games: https://www.nintendo.com/games/sales-and-deals/#devolver-publisher-sale Katana Zero - 11.99$ (20%) Enter the Gungeon - 7.49$ (50%) Gato Roboto - NEW - 6.79$ (15%) The Swords of Ditto: Mormo's Curse - 10.49$ (30%) Reigns: Game of Thrones - 1.99$ (50%) GRIS - 11.89$ (30%) Downwell - 1.49$ (50%) Pikuniku - 6.49$ (50%) Broforce - 7.49$ (50%) Ape Out - 10.49$ (30%) Reigns: Kings & Queens - 3.99$ (50%) Minit - 5.99$ (40%) The Red Strings Club - 10.49$ (30%) Mother Russia Bleeds - 7.49$ (50%) Crossing Souls - 7.49$ (50%) NOT A HERO: SUPER SNAZZY EDITION - 6.49$ (50%) I Hate Running Backwards - 7.49$ (50%) I can't recommend Ape Out highly enough - It's probably my goty so far alongside RE2. I bought Gato Roboto and Pikuniku, and am looking at The Red Strings Club - has anybody played it?
  17. Thanks, this is helpful. Did you play it solo or co-op? I would be going solo, so I won't get it if it seems too compromised as a single-player experience. Also, for anybody that hasn't played Shadow Warrior, it's an excellent game that's worth your time if you like FPS.
  18. Very generous, thank you. Happy Memorial Day weekend to all!
  19. I'm currently playing through the first Shadow Warrior game and really enjoying it. I'm curious how people here like the second one, since I've been reading some fairly conflicting impressions. It seems that people either really enjoy it and think it's up there with Doom 2016 as one of the best shooters of the era, or they really dislike the loot mechanics and prefer the first game. Any thoughts from those who've played it?
  20. Gato Roboto is a 2d Metroidvania game where you play as a cat that can enter and exit a mechanical suit to solve puzzles and defeat enemies. The release date was revealed today, here's the trailer:
  21. According to Polygon, the spaceship resembles a "multinational bricolage of labyrinthine compartments grafted together into a greebled funhouse reflection of the International Space Station." Getting some very "newtonian in motion" GTA V preview vibes from this sentence. That is to say that it's terrible writing.
  22. They should resurrect Darren Aronofsky's Batman script for this.
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