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  1. You’re technically not wrong. I’ll catch 1080/60 on High likely
  2. You’re too kind. Thanks. Eh, I’m not mad anymore. Was at first. Is what it is. I’ll snag one, no worries. If you do and wanna sell it, I got ya back. Thanks friend
  3. Had a PS5 preorder. Lost it. Due to my bank flagging it on 11/7 as “suspicious” and Target cancelling. Sucks. Is what it Is. Would you play it on base PS4 or my PC? I5-4670k 16gb ram GTX 1070 SSD
  4. I’m happy I did personally, because it was $50 Had it been the full $60? I wouldn’t have. Simply because there’s no benefit to have said pre-order. None. Now, if it were a digital copy with a pre-load available, I get people doing that. But pre-loading isn’t ever available until around under a week prior to launch.
  5. They should release the PC version as planned. They won’t because they’re afraid of the “optics” of such
  6. Well. I’d complain. Any FULL priced game that requires online play and subscription is an abomination to video games. Perhaps if it’s a $30 buy in and then required such or whatever. Fine. There was a 7.6% of me buying this game. Now... there’s a 0% chance I’ll wait till it’s FTP or under $20 Hold up... how is charging $70 “passing on savings” to me?
  7. Bingo. I mean, looks ok and such. Not awful. But $70 + REQUIRED Plus and Online connection? Whew. I don’t think so Tim.
  8. It’ll do well. It can’t possibly live up to the hype. No way. However, this will be a fantastic game that’s a blast to play. That’s just fine by me in that case! November will be a Demon Souls/Cyberpunk month for me.
  9. Sucks it’ll be next year. But, there’s a 0% chance I’ll wait until that comes out. I’ll get the PS4 version to play on my PS5. Hopefully it’ll at least have much faster loading and maybe higher frames.
  10. Call me crazy. GOW is overrated. Don’t get it twisted. It’s a fantastic game and was a blast to play. But it’s far down my all time list of games. With that said, I welcome the next installment. I am weird and found Fallout 4 to be better lmao But, no one can deny Sony exclusives and they’ve been killing it lately
  11. We both had launch Vita’s 3G models as I recall 😂 you’re in Japan correct?
  12. I’m excited for this gen. Why? For THIS reason. Loading times exponentially lower and game states saved like that.
  13. I feel that. Again even my PS4 collection is majority digital. Goes without saying on PC. In Steam alone I have 550 games
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