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  1. What is FFVII? Some type of Japanese RPG? First to tell you all, those types of games will never be big in the US. Just not the audience for those types of games. Shocked they have 6 game prior to VII. Likely all were localized out East only.
  2. Not sure if serious. You guys gonna have me exploding my CPU and laughing at me
  3. This. Cnut is the type of wife I hope to have 😋 except in “real life” I’ve NEVER met a gamer girl and I’m sad about it
  4. Dude. We some hoarders up on here. Never in “real life” do I know anyone with 100 games on steam 😂🤣 I have almost 600. You guys double me. My physical collection is equivalent. It’s all just sad. Or honestly, it’s all AMAZING
  5. I gotcha. What’s your address? I’ll get ya a 2080ti just to be sure
  6. Wow lmao. I feel tiny I legit have to type in a search to see what game I have or not. Odds are, I have It I find Lmao
  7. Cyberpunk will run on it obviously. But hell, be happy to get console quality med/30fps/1080p. You’re absolutely correct in needing an upgrade. I’m still going to hold out for a super good deal in 2021 on a 2070ti or 2080
  8. Not sure why I figured 980 vs 1070 was almost similar. Maybe I’m thinking TI version? Not sure. But yep. Time to upgrade. Simple as that
  9. Looked up my card vs yours. It is quite a substantial upgrade, more than I figured. Frames differ as much as 40 to 70 compared between the two. So now, I’m more in agreement with you upgrading. This test was on Origins, but same engine as odyssey anyhow
  10. Never ran it on PC. Only on PS4. The minimum is a damn 660 and recommended is a 970 I would be interested to see how my 1070 runs it. But just by looking, seems it would run almost maxed. Maybe turn down some AA
  11. WOW. Now that’s a game I really want. $25 for that is a steal. I can print artwork and have cases I can put those games inside
  12. I have almost 600 games on Steam alone. yes. 600. I no longer participate in steam sales 😋 569 to be exact “Maddux1012000” my Steam name for those who don’t believe me lol Everytime I browse my library I’m shocked at what I have and have many times almost bought games I own. Thankfully I see “Game is in your library” message when I try
  13. Thought Redbox axed games from its coke machine. Hmmm. For $25 I’d buy it just because. But having played it myself for 2-3 hours, it really is a UPS simulator. I can accept its vision and what it wants to be. I can also try and get into it. But not for $60.
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