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  1. Call me crazy. GOW is overrated. Don’t get it twisted. It’s a fantastic game and was a blast to play. But it’s far down my all time list of games. With that said, I welcome the next installment. I am weird and found Fallout 4 to be better lmao But, no one can deny Sony exclusives and they’ve been killing it lately
  2. We both had launch Vita’s 3G models as I recall 😂 you’re in Japan correct?
  3. I’m excited for this gen. Why? For THIS reason. Loading times exponentially lower and game states saved like that.
  4. I feel that. Again even my PS4 collection is majority digital. Goes without saying on PC. In Steam alone I have 550 games
  5. I’ve used all of those and it’s fine. But my issue is, it’s 2020 and content is still SEVERELY lacking. It’s why in 2014 when the craze came, I held off. Content is tiny
  6. Never owned a 4K movie. Though I did just get a 4K tv in June. I stream some. I’m assuming it’s not quite as good compared to physical?
  7. Wait till kindle can emulate the smell of fresh pages and hardcover books
  8. I truly had planned on picking one up at launch. Like at a store. I FOMO’d myself into paying for it now 😂
  9. Wow. I mean, I wish I could do it. Truly. Reading and me never got too close. Just saying. I do enjoy short stories every blue moon
  10. Nice. A digital only person who ponied up the extra $100. Win for Sony lmao. I kid I didn’t have much time to think myself. It went up and I went and clicked quickly
  11. Books on a screen is absolutely a NO I am not much of a reader, but if I want to read a book, it’ll be physical.
  12. Retailers will have deep sales to get you into that damn store
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