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Found 14 results

  1. https://www.polygon.com/2019/2/14/18224190/dice-awards-2019-winners-god-of-war-ps4
  2. Credit to @Pikachu for first posting the news in the Spidey thread: 3.3 million in three days, which is 0.1 million more than God of War did earlier this year. Very curious if it continues to surpass GOW's numbers, which have been incredible.
  3. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/08/29/playstation-plus-free-games-for-september-2018/ Destiny 2 (PS4) -- AVAILABLE TODAY God of War III: Remastered (PS4) Knowledge is Power (PS Plus Bonus – PlayLink) Here They Lie (PS Plus Bonus – PS VR required) Another World – 20th Anniversary Edition (PS3 + PS4/PS Vita) QUBE Director’s Cut (PS3 + PS4) Foul Play (PS Vita + PS4) Sparkle 2 (PS Vita)
  4. https://blog.us.playstation.com/2018/08/08/god-of-war-new-game-launches-august-20/
  5. https://venturebeat.com/2018/08/01/june-2018-npd-mario-tennis-aces-serves-up-a-smash-hit-for-nintendo/ Total: $1.08 billion (up 25 percent from $864 million in June 2017) Hardware: $350 million (up 52 percent from $231 million) PC and console software: $374 million (down 1 percent from $379 million) Accessories: $353 million (up 38 percent from $255 million) Here’s how 2018 is comparing so far to 2017 in terms of year-to-date dollar sales: Total: $6.02 billion (up 17 percent from $5.15 billion in 2017 year to date) Hardware: $1.69 billion (up 21 percent from $1.39 billion) PC and console software: $2.56 billion (up 6 percent from $2.41 billion) Accessories: $1.77 billion (up 31 percent from $1.36 billion) Overall Mario Tennis Aces* God of War 2018 Grand Theft Auto V The Crew 2 Far Cry 5 Mario Kart 8* LEGO Incredibles FIFA 18** Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy Detroit: Become Human Super Mario Odyssey* The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild* Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege NBA 2K18 Call of Duty: WWII MLB 18: The Show Assassin’s Creed: Origins Vampyr* Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze* State of Decay 2 Xbox One The Crew 2 Grand Theft Auto V Far Cry 5 State of Decay 2 PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds FIFA 18 Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Siege Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy Call of Duty: WWII Lego Incredibles PlayStation 4 God of War 2018 Detroit: Become Human Grand Theft Auto V FIFA 18 The Crew 2 MLB 18: The Show Far Cry 5 Vampyr* Lego Incredibles Horizon: Zero Dawn Nintendo Switch (physical only) Mario Tennis Aces Mario Kart 8 Super Mario Odyssey The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze Lego Incredibles Splatoon 2 Crash Bandicoot: N. Sane Trilogy Kirby Star Allies Hyrule Warriors Definitive Ed Nintendo 3DS Pokémon: Ultra Sun Pokémon: Ultra Moon Mario Kart 7 Super Smash Bros. Super Mario 3D Land Detective Pikachu Minecraft Mario Party: The Top 100 Super Mario Maker The Legend of Zelda: A Link Between Worlds The best-selling games of 2018 so far Far Cry 5 God of War 2018 Monster Hunter: World Call of Duty: WWII Dragon Ball: Fighterz Grand Theft Auto V Mario Kart 8* NBA 2K18 MLB 18: The Show Super Mario Odyssey* The best-selling games over the last 12 months Call of Duty: WWII NBA 2K18 Destiny 2** Madden NFL 18 Super Mario Odyssey* Far Cry 5 Star Wars: Battlefront II 2017** Grand Theft Auto V Assassin’s Creed: Origins God of War 2018
  6. According to a tweet from Senior Concept Artist Joe Kennedy, this comic strip is a huge clue to revealing God of War's final uncovered secret, which Barlog also alluded to during the panel itself, mentioning that the answer lies within Kratos' own home, which players find themselves in during several intervals in the main story.
  7. I know it's obvious a sequel was happening, but If you want to break into the industry, apply in the link. @DuesEXgame This sounds like a job for you!
  8. We're planning to do something a little different for the next D1Pcast. Instead of our usual format, we're going to have a discussion of what is perhaps the most talked-about game of the first half of 2018 not named Fortnite: God of War. If you've got thoughts about God of War -- both positive and negative -- then post in this thread if you'd like to participate. We use Skype for the show and will provide the details as to when we'll be recording once we get things a bit more locked down.
  9. I just beat the main story of God of War again and have more side things to do, but the replay solidified how excellent a game this is. It has so much going right and adds so much in comparison to the previous games. 1) Exploration - The original God of War games had secrets to uncover, but God of War PS4 is more "wide-linear," where it's not completely open-world, but it does allow exploration, back-tracking, and the like. Interestingly enough, it utilizes everything to the max. Even in my first playthrough, by the end of the game I still stumbled upon places I missed. And while they're not marked on the map (which is great and I'd like to see more games do that), you can look at the map and go, "Hey, there's an area that looks like it can be entered," and go there, and yup, it's an unmarked area. And then there's the density of the areas. Look up and you'll potentially see items you can shoot down, and they're items you'll use. Find side paths to explore, and you'll find treasures (not to mention the treasure maps that you need to use environmental clues to find). And the treasures are usually new moves, enhancements or some legitimately decent armor. I was changing my Runic attacks throughout the game because I'd explore, I'd find a new, say, light axe attack, I'd notice I like the increase damage or increased stun characteristics, and I'd swap it out. You can just be rowing around the lake and find items in the lake, or permanent stat upgrades around the lake, and they make it very easy to get the items (Atreus mainly takes care of it). You can enter another area and find a mini-puzzle to solve that opens up to a new path. There are just a plethora of goodies you can stumble across, optional enemy encounters, useful items, puzzles, you name it. 2) Combat - I wondered if a story-focused God of War would make concessions in the gameplay department, but the gameplay is aces. It's far more deliberate in this game, I feel. There's more strategy involved, partly due to the new camera angle; you have to be alert to enemy placement, which is why spamming is far less useful to anyone who remembers the tried-and-true [] [] /\ combo. That combo is still useful, but I'm not winning battles spamming it. I also like the use of throwing the axe because you can recall it to help knock away other enemies. You toss it at an enemy (and might be able to pin them to the wall), other enemies are swarming you, and you can line them up and knock them off-balance by recalling the axe. It ended up being a really cool weapon despite not being the iconic blades, and even after expanding my arsenal, I still used the axe. Then you also have Atreus, whose combat ranges from stunning and incapacitating enemies, to being commanded by you with a simple [ ] button. He can open up secrets, detonate explosives, and stun/electrocute enemies. Rarely do you have to save him from something; he can take care of himself. 3) Story and Dialogue - The game easily has the best dialogue in the series. Compare 3 to this game, and it's night and day. The characters all have distinct personalities, and I remember all of them and can describe them pretty easily. The humor... I didn't even expect there to be that much humor in the game, but there are a lot of funny parts, both in the main story and in normal conversation while traveling. The dwarves who sell you things, for example, make fun of the fact that they're everywhere; the game has a lot of fun with it. Many other games have utilized character dialogue while traveling to add to the story, add to the characters and make the walk more enjoyable since you're not engaged in combat. God of War I think pushes it to another level. This is a much more fully-realized Kratos. He's not one-note. He grows. He lack of a sense of humor is his humor. His son grows. The secondary/side characters grow. All in all, I hope God of War PS5 takes it to another level. They have all the groundwork they need.
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