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  1. Call of Duty’s new anti-cheat system includes a kernel-level driver to catch PC cheaters WWW.THEVERGE.COM Call of Duty: Warzone will get the driver first later this year.
  2. Why the hell would you ever need to "reboot" a Call of Du...Y'know what? Nevermind - video games really are absurd.
  3. Their respective twitter postings are quite extensive, but definitely worth the read to see things from the perspective of a couple of military veterans with ties to the gaming industry: Their "tweet essays" were probably prompted by this article in Kotaku today: Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's Developers Are Still Deciding How Disturbing To Get
  4. https://www.gamespot.com/articles/why-black-ops-4-doesnt-have-a-traditional-campaign/1100-6461777/
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