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  1. Well hi thar

    Maybe one day, gadget...one day!!!
  2. Well hi thar

    Congrats! You brought me out of stasis so that i could say that. Welcome to the last years of your life. I hope you like accelerated greying/balding hair!
  3. Leaving Wells Fargo

    I use PNC. It's been a great bank for me. No problems at all. Never even been inside the branch before. Just do everything online. Virtual Wallet is pretty great. take your bank, add in a lite version of Mint.com, boom.
  4. Astroneer Thread

    OH man. i love this game. It's so good.
  5. What have people been PC gaming on since the boards were down?

    Fixing the boards. Playing Ark, finished Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak.
  6. test

  7. Yeha the weird part is that there's 2 caches. Your local browser of course, and one in the application, IPBoards. I've seen a number if strange issues like this. I don't think they ever affect the entire userbase, just one offs. It's safe to clear the application cache. I sent you directions to do it in Discord.
  8. @JVC920 try clearing your cache again. i reset the server-side cache.
  9. Please try clearing your cache again. I cleared the server-side cache. I need you to clear it now that i've done that.
  10. @Boyle5150 is the biggest dick with the smallest dick. NOt really troubleshooting help, but just factual knowledge.
  11. Hey bossman, try it again. Just cleared the server-side cache.
  12. All those who were having problems, please clear your cache again. I, just now, cleared out the server-side application cache. I have confirmed with @TomCat and @NextGen that it does work after clearing your cache now.