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  1. Subnautica is flippin awesome

    Your Titan really is taxed by warframe...
  2. Subnautica is flippin awesome

    You late dawg. It's been in VR for a long time. The UI has gotten a lot better though and it runs at a stable framerate. There's a sizing/placement issue with UI elements they've said they will work on post launch, but it's very playable. It gives it a more foreboding atmosphere, visually and audibly surrounded by the ailen atmosphere. I pretty much only play that in VR now. That and elite: dangerous. 100% VR games.
  3. Subnautica is flippin awesome

    90+ hours later yeah it's still amazing. Top 3 favorite games in VR.
  4. Hello? Are we back? Is this on?!

    @SFLUFAN It looks like @best3444enjoys the boards. I will spend my evening continuing the delete hisd posts. I'll even give him a few less upvotes straight in the database. My fee for destroying his life's work will be more than enough...
  5. Welcome former GAFers!

    See? You know more than me. What icon fix? lol
  6. Welcome former GAFers!

    I even edited it into your own post.
  7. Welcome former GAFers!

    At this point, i don't even remember what was wrong. While I have access to the site, i'm more of a freelancer for Wade when he needs something.
  8. Golf Story or Stardew Valley

    So switch is pretty good right? Yeah it's pretty good. I've been balling nothing but stardew valley for a few days. In Year 2 Spring and i've got my barn and coop up with stone fencing, 12 quality sprinklers doing my work for me, and a side patch beside my house. jworking on level 70 of the mines now. It's a great game. Not that golf story isn't, they're different imo. Stardew with it's multiple maps probably provides more variety than golf story does.
  9. Welcome former GAFers!

    I hope you do it while making the face from your avatar.
  10. Welcome former GAFers!

    Ha. Yeah i remember that. lol Those were the days.
  11. Welcome former GAFers!

    I'm like that guy who shows up at your job. I don't really work here, but I am wearing the company shirt.
  12. Welcome former GAFers!

    Did you get me anything?
  13. Welcome former GAFers!

    I want a fun title like @Mr.Vic20. Why should he get all the fun? So yeah..GAF...wtf. I went in to read a nintendo direct thread and saw a diatribe from the Op who replaced the content with his thoughts on the current events. I thought it was weird...then i kept reading around. wuf. Evil Lore putting the Evil in...well..himself i guess. Sucks.
  14. Welcome former GAFers!

    This place looks different. lol