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  1. South Park worth a whole $60?!

    It's fucking great. Granted, you really need to be a fan of the show to love it as the gameplay isn't going to break any boundaries. You basically play/star in the show. It looks exactly like it, all the voices are there, and the writing as well. *yeah, look around for deals if you're going the PC route. It's kinda silly to pay full price for anything on PC. I luckily bought my SP key for $22 pre-release from a guy on NeoGaf, but I can't seem to find any similar deals now.
  2. I posted this in the Neverwinter thread too, but I think it's worth posting here as well: I'm telling you guys, if you have or can get a PS Nav controller on the cheap, do it. It's changing the way I play most PC titles. Just use Xinput Wrapper for DS3 to make Windows recognize it as a 360 pad, and then use Joy2Key to map keyboard commands to it.
  3. Neverwinter MMO Open Beta

    OK, I'm late to this party because I basically swore off MMOs after playing 2 characters in WoW up to level 40ish and was let down by every other MMO I tried after that (SWTOR for instance). My buddy convinced me to give this a go and I'm kinda blown away by it. The arcade-ish combat makes a world of difference and this finally feels like the 3D version of Diablo I had hoped WoW would be. After putting in a few hours and deciding that I'm likely going to be playing this one for a while I went ahead and made it comfy couch compatible last night, and I wanted to share in case others might want to do the same thing. I'm using a Logitech G700 wireless gaming mouse which gives me about 13 buttons: It's a great mouse, although I wish it had better range or less interference. I'm about 12-15 feet from my computer and it works great as long as I move my computer desk chair out from between me (in my living room area) and my computer. Now the cool part. Instead of teeter tottering a keyboard on my knee or using a TV tray, I decided to use a controller that wasn't doing much other than collecting dust. The PlayStation Navigation controller: This beautiful device uses bluetooth, which you can use to sync it to your computer with the XInput Wrapper for DS3. Now, one caveat is that you will need a dedicated Bluetooth dongle for this. No other Bluetooth device can use it. There's a list of compatible devices at that link. Luckily I had previously purchased a TRENDnet Micro Bluetooth USB Adapter (TBW-106UB) a while back since my built in Bluetooth adapter was not supported for this sort of thing. One I got XInput functioning with the Nav controller (you can test it in Steam: Hitting the PS Button should switch to Big Picture Mode if you have your library page selected) it was time to map the Neverwinter key binds I wanted to it. For this I used the free program Joy2Key. It's pretty barebones but it gets the job done. You'll need to select the "Others" tab in JoyToKey and check mark "Use Axes other than X and Y." and "Use POV switches." Also, I suggest setting "Threshold for input (Useful for analog devices)" somewhere between 20 and 50% (I'm still experimenting a little bit). Once you've done that go back to the Joysticks Tab and then click "Create" to make your first controller map. Here is what each item corresponds to on the PS Nav controller: AxisX(<0), AxisX(>0), AxisY(<0), AxisY(>0) : Analog stick (left, right, up, down respectively) Axis3(>0) : Trigger POV1:UP, POV1:RIGHT, POV1DOWN, POV1LEFT : This is the DPAD Button 1 : X Button Button 2 : O Button Button 5 : Bumper Button 9 : Analog Stick Button (Click Down) Leave everything else on "Disabled"
  4. Looking to buy an iMac in the next month. Looking for suggestions?

    I'm not sure if the latest iMac i5 processors have hyperthreading or not, but all i7s do and it makes a drastic difference (basically doubling the number of processors). On top of that, the i7s have 8mb of cache while the i5s have 6mb of cache. For your needs it sounds like you would be fine with an i5. The biggest difference between the 2 standard models is the integrated GPU. The 775M is about double the power of the 755M. I would actually suggest taking the plunge and customizing the order for the GTX 780M 4GB as this is a factor you cannot upgrade in the future. Either that or abandon the entire idea of buying an iMac and instead building a PC that can boot into OS X. You are a gamer after all. Check out Hackintosh.com for more info.
  5. Guys... Team America was a documentary

    How is this a real story? Am I still sleeping?
  6. i refuse to believe this is anything other than a bug at this point. I've never heard of a piece of software simply CTD upon loss of connection. At the very least there would be notification prior to running it that this was the case or an error message for it.
  7. Titanfall: max player count is 6 vs 6

    Wow so much judgement about a game that many of you haven't played. TitanFall isn't aiming to be just another CoD competitive shooter. They are trying to blend the excitement and big moments found in single player into multiplayer matches. It all sounds intriguing to me and I can't wait to check it out. It's so silly to judge a game based on things like player count.
  8. Ryse has some nice AA and post processing but it's still not as smooth as a 1080p game running standard AA modes. Sorry but it's just not. This isn't debatable, you can count the pixels.
  9. I haven't played everything I bought yet, but of the titles I have I've enjoyed all of them. Rogue Legacy, Spulunky, Valdis Story, Guacamelee!, and Dust have all seemed pretty solid rogue-like and metroidvania experiences. Dust isn't really grabbing me, though. It's solid in its gameplay but the artstyle is really turning me off. It's beautiful at times, but at others it really touches on the disturbing "furries" vibe. The art just seems really juvenile in concept. I want more Don Bluth and less after-school anime club.
  10. Tomb Raider was slightly above average at best to me and didn't come close to the experience I had with Uncharted 2. They copy and pasted Naughty Dog's design and may as well have thrown out the actual tomb raiding altogether. It was a fairly brain dead action experience and not what I look for in a Tomb Raider game.
  11. I can't wait. Bungie is among my favorite developers and I can't wait to see how this one pans out. Everything I've seen of it looks beautiful.
  12. SWTOR: Galactic Starfighter

    So this peaked my interest about a month or so back and I was wondering if anyone here had any gameplay impressions? I believe you have to be a paying subscriber in SWTOR to have access right now. I would love to have a fun, multiplayer space combat game so I'm really hoping this fits the bill.
  13. What games are on ps4?

  14. Anyone know if there are any wireless Gaming Keypads similar to the Nostromo above?