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There are some ridiculous SSD deals for Prime Day


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Most are SATA, like this 2tb MX500 SSD for $177.59 at checkout 



This + a sata-to-usb 3.1 converter would be great for XSX backups of games you’re not playing.

For PC Gaming I recommend against SATA at this point due to NVME likely being a requirement in the not to distant future (obviously, for non-gaming storage, or for current-gen game storage, sata is still good-to-go).  In which case, this is a good deal:


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We should make a prime thread. 


For those interested,Fire Emblem: Three Houses [amazon.com] (Nintendo Switch Digital Code) $39.99 The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild [amazon.com]...

I know people complain that Nintendo games don’t get discount digitally so here are two good deals on two great games. 

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I want to pick up Mario Wii U since its 40 bucks. 


That is a great price for the 2TB. I got it at Microcenter in Nov for like 230. I'd get another but then I'd need to reformat. It might be worth it to be 2 TB across 2 SSDs. My case only supports 2 SSDs unless I buy an adapter.

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13 minutes ago, BlueAngel said:

I'm good on storage atm, but my MX100 is long out of warranty. Every few weeks I will get a BSOD, the SSD literally stops communicating, so I have to take it out throw it on the floor and it works again for a few weeks or a month. Been doing this for about two years now. I'll replace it when I do a full rebuild later this year.

How old is it? My mx200 has been 100% good to go for awhile now.

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31 minutes ago, BlueAngel said:

Heh my SSD took a crap, my whole windows install is gone can't get it to boot it can't find it. Off to microcenter I go... But now to figure out how I'm going to get windows 10 back on the new drive don't have a physical copy.

https://www.newegg.com/western-digital-blue-1tb/p/N82E16820250092?Description=wd m.2&cm_re=wd_m.2-_-20-250-092-_-Product&quicklink=true


Unless you REALLY need your PC back online ASAP, that drive at that price is worth waiting 3-4 days.

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2 minutes ago, BlueAngel said:

Microcenter has a 500GB M.2 970 EVO Plus 500GB for $89 so I'm going with that for now. I don't install many games at one time so this will do the job.


I saw some atleast at the MC near my house in the price range.

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