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Alternative to DLSS for PS5 was the subject of a recent Patent


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DF made it clear that we shouldn't be expecting the next gen consoles to come close to even a RTX 2060's ML capabilities.



So while I'm sure a DLSS-like solution could be developed, it might not be the most efficient way forward for consoles.  Maybe we see a reconstruction technique that also incorporates ML for adaptive sharpening.

I expect some kind of approximation of DLSS 2.0 from the next-gen consoles eventually, without getting into 'better than native 4K' or '540p upscaling > 1080p' territory.   The next mid-cycle systems could be perfectly capable though.

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Not sure why this would have to wait for a mid cycle hardware refresh.


If this intelligent upscaling (or whatever you want to call it) can produce better results at a lower computational cost than either running natively at high resolution or existing techniques like checkerboarding, it could be implemented on existing hardware.


As @legend points out, GPUs are already pretty good at AI/ML workloads, so there's nothing that I can see indicating that special hardware is required for this kind of task.

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