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  1. I saw a video of a guy reading what it seemed to be Glassdoor reviews on 343i. And... they all seemed to complain about the same things. Poor management, heavy use of contractors that don’t stay in projects long enough, and a fair amount of toxicity. so it very well be true.
  2. So, I kept watching the trailer. And it seems it’s a little bit of both, the game is not polished yet (lots of pop-in from the grass, to the clouds far into the distance... hell, even in the trailer the textures/models didn’t load properly when he falls in the ship... no idea how they missed that and left it in the game.) and also... the game has a massive open world, it’s 60fps 4k... and it also has 4 player co-op? That’s got to take a hit on the graphics, specially if it also has 4 player couch co-op. the game is just trying to be too many things at once. What MS should have done is have another linear game at launch to show off the graphics and the power for the next gen system.
  3. Thank God is not true. I want to play the mp at launch. I’ll wait on the single player until there’s that ray tracing update
  4. At least Sony had the decency to get current gen gta5 out of the way in the first 5 minutes. What is destiny 2 doing on the middle of this!!?
  5. That’s what I said. It looks very current gen graphics wise. Which I’m disappointed coming from the flagship title. ill still play the hell out of it, but I was expecting to be wowed by halo.
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