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Michael Bay Producing The First of What Will Be MANY Pandemic Movies

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And they start shooting in five weeks



The film is ostensibly a taut thriller in the spirit of Paranormal Activity and Cloverfield. It takes place two years in the future. The pandemic has not gone away. Lockdowns have been rolled back and then reinstated and it becomes even more serious as the virus continues to mutate. I don’t believe there are supernatural elements involved, but there is governmental conspiracy and paranoia and how it impacts the cast of characters who remain in lockdown. Casting is underway now.


Sounds like they're gonna go the low budget, found footage route.



Goodman’s passion at Paramount was these kind of modest budget films like the Paranormal Activity films, and he teamed with Bay on nine projects during those years. This will be an interesting one to watch. I’m told that when it is shot, there will never be people in room together, and social distancing rules will be carefully followed. Scenes will be shot after crew has come in to prep the shots, and there won’t be any scenes where actors engage fact to face. It’s not exactly the techniques that were used in the film Searching, but the plan is to be as nimble as possible.


I still need to see Searching.

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3 hours ago, HGLatinBoy said:

I hope warner bros decides to build a "Pandemic Universe" and we see a crossover of the Motaba virus from outbreak and MEV-1 from Contagion.

Why not go all the way and have the Sci-Fi Channel, if that still exists, do something like Covidnado-666 where a tornado of satanic demons with Covid-19 attacks a California beach community.

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