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Can someone explain who the Stadia is actually for?


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If you say budget gamers




$130 buy in currently, plus $10 a month just for the luxury of paying FULL price for mainly older titles. 

Also, they better have an extremely high end internet and unlimited data cap


Who is paying $200 just to STREAM RDR2? When the service goes tits up like Onlive did, you now own nothing. 

a casual gamer this isn’t for. A hardcore gamer already has a cheap console or a PC. 


What market is Google shooting for? Who asked for this? 

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If it works. IF it’s reliable. IF it’s perfect. IF there’s no lag input. We still have a MAJOR pricing error. Anyone remember On Live? I do. I had It. It was garbage. I bought it as a young techie nerd with disposable income. 

You want me to pay $200 including the buy in and subscribing for 1 month just to stream a game? The fuck bro?!! 

Next year it’ll go FTP but I still have to pay FULL PRICE just to stream a game 


PSnow and Xcloud already have it better with their offer. 

no casual gamer is wanting to stream RDR2 on their iPhone. That’s ridiculous. No hardcore game would dream of that. So again, who’s this for?!


This needs to at LEAST be a type of Netflix for games service to even have a shot at making people subscribe. 

Tough sell even then. No option to download makes this complete garbage. Once the servers close, your money means shit. 

If you are a casual gamer, you’re NOT the type with a super high end internet, unlimited data cap, throwing out $200 for 1 older title game and paying it monthly. That makes no sense. Budget gamers will buy a cheap console bundle and Xbox game pass/ PS now 


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You have some info wrong.  


The Founders Edition is $130.  I think those include the Controller, Chromecast Ultra ($60), Complete Destiny 2 game, and 3 months of Pro with a 2nd code for a friend.  


I know they have a Premiere Edition but not sure what that includes.


Those are optional packages.  You don't need Stadia Pro.  No sub is needed at all, you're just limited to 1080p 60fps stereo audio if you use the free option.


You also only need a Stadia Controller and a Chromecast if you're going to stream on a TV.


Then the question about buying games.  I personally think they really need a Game Pass type service with instant access to stream that big library.  I dont think I'd buy any games off Stadia that I can get elsewhere.  


So if you want to play it on a PC, Tablet, ect the only cost is the game.  You don't need Pro a controller or a chrome cast.  

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I often ask the same question with every console launch. I think it's crazy to buy a console until it's been out for at least a year, usually two. You get the worst, most unreliable hardware since it hasn't had mass market testing (RRoD, noisy fans, overheating, etc) that's also the system at its most expensive, so you can play it with its worst, most incomplete library with games that often look like last gen tithes with a small facelift or decent looking games with nothing going on.


Stadia launch to me is functionally no different than any console launch, in other words. It's for people who buy tech just to check it out and test it for everyone else.

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2 hours ago, Xbob42 said:

Stadia launch to me is functionally no different than any console launch, in other words. It's for people who buy tech just to check it out and test it for everyone else.

But it’s better than a console launch (going by your example) because instead of new games this plays a bunch of old games, mostly good games, so it is more robust and better!

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