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I had a dream that involved user Bmac


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I was gonna @ Bmac but it seems like that isn't their name anymore or they no longer have an account here. Anyway, my dream had me at the back of a small black SUV. It wasn't a luxury SUV, it was more of a sporty mom small SUV. Well, in the trunk of the SUV was an Xbox 360 Pro, Xbox 360 Elite, Xbox One, and a Blue Pokemon 3DS XL, randomly sprawled out. All of the Xbox's were in green Xbox boxes, the Pro and Elite were in boxes similar to the basic version for the 360. The one without the HDD. The 3DS XL wasn't in a box and was just lying there. The first thing I did was open the 3DS XL, which was on the whole time, and I saw that there was a pokemon game pre-installed. I am pretty sure it was pokemon yellow, which is weird. At this point in the dream, I realize that Bmac sent me these Xbox's because he knows I don't have an Xbox. Why he sent me 3 wasn't something I questioned in the dream, same with the 3DS. Although, I was disappointed the X1 wasn't an X1X in the dream. 


I then find myself in a room I don't recognize IRL, but in my dream, I recognize it as my living space. I had a note written from Bmac on a piece of wide-ruled notebook paper that looked like it came from a composition notebook. I found out that while he did send me the Xbox's because I didn't have one, it was also because of his wife. I have no clue if he has a wife or lover IRL, but in the dream he did. Something was going on with him and his wife. Like, they were splitting up, or that she didn't want him to have the consoles anymore. I don't really know exactly what his wife had to do with it, but it made me think of her in a negative way in the dream. 


Next, I found myself walking down a hallway in my unknown dream home with a red Xbox controller that was also sent by Bmac. Not sure where it came from but I knew he sent it. I actually had this controller IRL. I really liked it. After that, I was back in my living space and I noticed two ziplock baggies on the floor filled with blue powder. Well, I figured out that it was cocaine sent from Bmac. Not sure how I missed it until it was already on my floor but whatever. I don't know why the cocaine was blue, but it was. There were a few other scenes that I know happened before I woke up but I can't remember them.


So yeah, that was my dream. Oh, also, Bmac never made any visual appearance in my dream. In my dream, his appearance in my mind was just his user icon. Or at least I think it was his icon. Some sports mascot that was blue or something. I wanna say it was a devil or demon but I can't be sure. 

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