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Mr. Robot - Season 4th & Final Season


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So just caught up on the first 3 episodes of a scheduled 13 for the final season. God damn some craziness is gonna go down once all is said and done and I feel Elliot is going to leave a pile of bodies in his wake. I had forgotten just HOW FREAKING AMAZING the writing is for this show, deep on levels and makes you think both while watching and long after. I cannot help but ponder at least a half dozen different scenarios in how things will play out on multiple facets.


Wish some of you guys were caught up & watching to talk about it!

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I'm caught up and fully invested. I've loved this show since season 1 and can't wait to see how it all ends.


I also appreciate the time boxing of the flashback they did in this last (third) episode. I think it can be interesting to rewind the clock to give some additional context for characters, but I often hate it when a show spends a whole episode exclusively on that. This episode gave a non-trivial amount of exposure to be interesting, without holding you back form continuing where you left off.

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