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Does anyone here stream:?


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I recently started streaming on Twitch. This isn't an advertisement for my stream. It's a question about something that's driving me crazy.


I use streamlabs (think that's the name), and I went through the process step by step (following a really useful twitch tutorial), but for some reason, I can't stream without first receiving an error (that has almost no information of use) and then I have to press "go live anyway" and then I can go live. I just can't seem to update anything because everything gives me an error. And I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.


If anyone does streaming and has an extra moment, I don't know if it's possible to see it from the surface, but my account is sarbonn, and it's just really frustrating.


It's not like I'm trying to be Ninja. It's a stupid little stream where I learn a new skill and kind of go through the process of doing it on the stream. Mainly doing this to study a new area of communication that my discipline tends to avoid until it's already outdated.

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I stream occasionally for fun, but not really.  I do know most of the basics though with Streamlabs OBS or regular OBS.  If you can link your stream on here, I will try to stop in sometime to help out.  Can you go live at all, or does it stop you from going live?

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So, I've finally gotten to a point where I can stream regularly, and honestly, that learning curve in the beginning was a little annoying. But seems to be working now. Started out by just steaming a game I was playing (Shroud of the Avatar) and then I've slowly been working on the dedicated stream that I intend to be doing.

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1 hour ago, JPDunks4 said:

What is this?

@SFLUFAN set up a D1P twitch channel that would auto host any of us if we started streaming. 


I might start streaming Destiny on Mixer. I'm not sure I'm a big supporter of Twitch anymore after everything thats gone down recently. Mixer at the very least has pretty clear guidelines about marking your stream for a specific audiences (everyone, teen, mature) and guidelines for each of those audiences. 

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