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1440p monitor decison: ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR vs ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ

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I've finally decided to step up my monitor game from 1080p to 1440p and I'm decideing between these two ASUS ROG monitors:


ASUS ROG Swift PG279QZ - $550.74


ASUS ROG Swift PG278QR - $541.38


These monitors seem practically identical to me with some minor differences being response time and refresh rate:

PG278QR - 1ms/165hz

PG279QZ - 4ms/144hz


I suppose the main difference is the display type with the 279QZ having an IPS display and the 278QR having a TN display.  Not knowing a thing about display types, is there a significant difference between them?


I'm largely indifferent between these monitors, so any input is greatly appreciated!

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IPS generally has better color but that's more something you'd notice doing graphics stuff so you probably won't even notice. Viewing angles are worse on TN but for a monitor that is less important since you're generally sitting directly in front of it.


Depending on your video card you may or may not be able to take advantage of the higher refresh rate (it'll still work fine at a lower refresh rate but 165Hz ceases to be an advantage if you're limited to 144Hz or maybe even less).


I have a TN 1440p G-sync monitor that I'm pleased with but since the price difference is so small I'd go with the IPS.

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Yeah the only advantage for the TN would be less motion blurring thanks to the faster pixel response time.  This will matter most in FPS games, and even more in highly competitive environments.  However the PG279QZ does include ULMB mode which should make motion CRT-like, at the expense of brightness, color "pop", and locking out G-Sync.


That being said I picked up a 27" 1440p Dell with a TN panel recently and am pretty impressed with how good TN can be.  The viewing angles are far superior to any other TN screen I've had, although IPS is still better, and the colors seem pretty natural and even.  TN can still be a good option at lower prices, but even 144 Hz IPS are getting cheaper thanks to those Korean models.


You are going to love the pixel density of a 27" 1440p screen too.  If you're coming from a 24" 1080p, everything looks so much sharper.  That's the most impressive aspect I've seen in my personal upgrade.  Also G-Sync is nice, but from my limited experience it looks much better if your framerates are closer to the upper limit refresh range rather than the mid or lower refresh range.

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Having my computer connected to this TN display and my TV (which is either VA or IPS, I think it might be VA going from memory), baby jebus cries when he sees how much better the colors look on the TV.


Oh crap, I shoulda watched GoT on this display instead of my TV, it would have been less dark. :P

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