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I'm Writing A Book! Patreon Advice?

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I've been writing a book little by little for a few years now. I've got what I think is a fun fantasy idea and I'm attempting to write it in conjunction with patreon support and "fan" interaction. I don't have either yet, as I've just started the Patreon page, but I need some general input from everyone.


My main struggle right now is trying to decide how much of my story to reveal to the public and how much to keep for patrons. I'm not arrogant enough to think that someone would steal my idea (what idea is even original anymore?) but I am protective of it and don't really feel comfortable sharing it out there in the interwebs.


Another compromise I'm struggling with is that telling someone what it's about is to spoil a neat twist. Without the twist, it's just another standard fantasy/sci-fi sounding game like everything else, but to give the twist away would be to spoil a large plot point of the over-arching story (something I don't really want to throw out there).


I don't really know what to do. I realize running a patreon on a series of novellas is a tall order to begin with, but I'm trying to supplement it with extras like short stories and (hopefully one day) concept art and other extras. 


Are there any readers on the site that could offer insight as to what (if anything) might interest you to support an on-going project such as this?


If anyone is interested in taking a look, you can see the Patreon page here for a little extra info.


(not looking for you guys to actually become patrons, i really am just looking for input)

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Do you have  this story posted somewhere? Web Novels usually have their novel posted somewhere for free and advanced chapters are the patreon incentive. Or there are some places that have X number of chapters for free and the rest are behind a paywall. There is also a place that offers like so many chapters a week, and then if the donation incentive is met the release more chapters. 


Of course, all of that means you'll need have a stock of chapters. And generally these web novels have hundreds of chapters by the end. 

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The only thing I can say is that it's going to be difficult to generate enthusiasm for your book through Patreon alone. You need to build a fanbase elsewhere and drive them to your Patreon. Bacon's suggestion is good about web novels. You need that exposure to generate some hype.

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22 minutes ago, johnny said:


actually have nothing to really add, at least in terms of patreon since I've never used it or even looked into it.


As for the idea of being worried that someone would steal your story idea. I know you said you aren't arrogant enough to think someone would do that (honestly there have been times I have scratched my head while I'm reading a book and I'm thinking WTF this one of the ideas I had, lol), and that is the right attitude to have. I know they say there is no such thing as an original story anymore ( not sure I completely agree) but what makes it original is how you tell it...and that is definitely true. You give 10 people the same basic premise, even same starting paragraph or opening line and you are going to end up with 10 very different stories. As for how much to tell people about the story/the twist, I honestly almost never talk about a story I am working on until I am done. I've talked ideas with people before and for me that somehow drains some of the magic for me. I also don't tend to plot, not consciously anyway. I think my subconscious knows what is going to happen but it never really tells me until am actually writing, lol. 


I have no idea if anything I have said is in any way helpful or not :p but I will say good luck with it. 

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