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I'm Currently Binge Watching The Latest Season of Legends of Tomorrow...

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... and yes this is currently the best DC show on the CW right now. So fun and irreverant and I love the pop culture references and homages they do. They are clearly having fun with the show. I met one of the writers on the show some months back and she said they are the red headed step children of CW superhero family.

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It's easily the best DC show, by a country mile. It knows exactly what it is, it knows exactly how seriously to take itself, it's progressive, it's inclusive, and it succeeds in literally every area in which the other CW shows fail. Of course it couldn't be what it is without those other shows, but still...

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Heh. The only reason I kinda hope it happens is that at some point her character had to say, "I AM ISIS," to get her powers. It'd be funny to me if she said that and everyone not from the future looked at her cock-eyed. But you know... Isis jokes probably wouldn't land for just about everyone else. :p

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