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New York is getting another crack at a gerrymander that would be in effect for 2024.


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If you're an old salty basketball coach who believes the game was better when the 3-point line didn't exist, you're still gonna have your team shoot 3s so long as the line is there.

Gerrymandering shouldn't be allowed, but the way to get rid of it is through national legislation, something that the Democrats tried to pass and had it blocked by Republicans. As long as gerrymandering exists you should absolutely maximally gerrymander every state where your party has control.

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The Big Data aspect of the issue is interesting.  Gerrymandering has always been a problem, but when it wasn’t augmented by modern analytics it was tolerable enough that everyone could prioritize fighting other forms of corruption.


The 2010 Tea Party takeover was the first to apply Big Data to the process, and turned it into the biggest threat to democracy outside of Donald Trump.


Just wait until AI enters the equation.  If not properly checked I wouldn’t put Orbanian ‘47% of the vote nets you 75% of Congress’ outcomes out of the realm of possibility.

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