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Hero's Adventure: Road to Passion


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I'm going to put this Steam title forward. There are many caveats to my recommendation, but I still recommend this game to anyone that likes Turn based RPGs with a really interactive world and a lot of flexibility in how you play. 




* the name is incredibly dumb

* Its translated from Chinese, possibly using AI, which might account for the stupid name and sometimes ridiculous dialog!

* It can be hard, on high difficulty levels, it requires a genuine sense of how to build your character and your team to survive

* Since its directly translated from Chinese, not all culture elements will jive with Western audiences (read as: what are woman's rights?)


Reasons to play:


* Loads of character classes to choose from and you can join and leave a variety of sects as you please

* Designed for multiple play throughs

* Many clever systems and events

* Really unique progression system where as you unlock achievements, you increase a pool of points to spend in your next play through making each character a little more powerful each time. 

* You can be killed by a chicken! (this is a real ending of the game, with cut scene!)

* Crafting

*Thieving skills


* So many hidden secrets its kind of crazy

* You can be the good guy or the bad guy! (but you do have to be a guy...)

* You can be beloved by all or choose to kill nearly everyone in the world!

* You can side with your nation or invite the northern horde to be your buddies and crush your own country!

* Dev is very active and still adding content weekly, with a road map of more content extending into next year!

* this game is $18!



Hero's Adventure:Road to Passion is a wuxia open-world RPG. You will commence your journey as an underdog in the tumultuous Martial World and will be met with a wide array of choices as you navigate your own heroic saga.







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