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Today has had some very contrasting experiences…


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Literally within 10 minutes of waking up I banged my right index finger on a door and split the nail all the way up. I then proceeded to not notice and then catch it, fearing it half way off.


That part was shit.


I then received a text from my mum about 2 hours ago that the inheritance money from my grandmother that died in September has been transferred across. This has put my family in the position where we are able to, if we want to (and it’s looking likely as our lovely 1930s house is needed more and more work doing to it), will be able to quite happily next summer. 

The nail still hurts mind.

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Just now, Keyser_Soze said:

I knew a lady from Columbia (2 actually)


One pronounced fruit as "froo-eet" and I always felt bad for not correcting her on it.


The other one said she was "old as fuck" because she was 24. I didn't know how to break the news to her. 😞


 Break the news that it is ALL OVER at 25?

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