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Louisiana Democratic Party completely disintegrates, loses governorship to election denier.

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1 hour ago, CastletonSnob said:

The Louisiana Democratic Party is a fucking disaster.

Louisiana politics is... something else. One of my friends used to arbitrate government contracts in Louisiana and he straight up told me Louisiana is the only state in which getting ANYTHING done with public funding requires walking into the meeting with a briefcase full of cash. And that crosses both parties.


The street in front of my apartment in New Orleans was half filled with dirt, and had been for years. Why? Because a sewage pipe needed repaired, so they dug the street up, but the money to put the road back in got... misplaced. So now it's just dirt. And it will remain that way until the right palms get greased.


The people of Louisiana will vote for Satan himself if he makes promises of ending corruption (spoiler: no one ever does it)

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Tweet from DNC Chair Jaime Harrison after being criticized for Louisiana’s poor Democratic turnout in last night’s election and not running commercials in Pittsburgh in 2022:



Let’s just use some common sense … there are 50 states, 5 territories, DC and Dems Abroad. Do you think the DNC based in Washington, DC has the capacity, local knowledge, and resources to oversee, recruit, advertise, etc for every election from Governor, House, State House, Supreme Court, etc in all of those places?!

Didn’t you guys use to have a 50 state strategy? One that you stupidly got rid of after screwing over Howard Dean?

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