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Saudi Arabia is buying all the sports


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Saudi Arabia has decided to go all in on football this summer. They have been snatching any player that looks their way. Good, bad, young, old, doesn’t matter. They are throwing money at anyone.

SA have just offered to buy Mbappe from PSG. A complete reach. Ain’t gonna happen….until you read the offer (not substantiated):


€300M to PSG

€700M to Mbappe

One year contract. 

Fucking insane. This is becoming the biggest, most expensive campaign to rehab an image ever. 

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There are available betting odds for LeBron James to leave the Lakers for Saudia Arabia at some point in 2023 or 2024.


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On 7/24/2023 at 12:39 PM, TwinIon said:

They've had an aggressive sportswashing campaign in motorsports for a long time, though it's more than just the Saudi's. So now it's motorsport, football, golf, and all so much more.


I guess they're happy enough with the results, because they keep doing it with more and more sports.


"Aggressive" to the tune of $6 billion.



Exclusive: Billions deployed since early 2021 in a move critics say is an attempt to distract from human rights record




Saudi Arabia has spent at least $6.3bn (£4.9bn) in sports deals since early 2021, more than quadruple the previous amount spent over a six-year period, in what critics have labelled an effort to distract from its human rights record.


Saudi Arabia has deployed billions from its Public Investment Fund over the last two-and-a-half years according to analysis by the Guardian, spending on sports at a scale that has completely changed professional golf and transformed the international transfer market for football.


On Monday, the Saudi Arabian club Al Hilal submitted a world-record bid for the French captain, Kylian Mbappé, understood to be worth €300m (£259m).


The $6.3bn investment is almost equivalent to the GDP of Montenegro or the island of Barbados. It dwarfs data compiled by Grant Liberty two years ago, estimating that Saudi Arabia spent $1.5bn in the period between 2014 and early 2021.



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Saudi Pro League side Al Hilal have agreed a €90 million ($98.6m) deal with Paris Saint-Germain for Neymar, the French club confirmed on Monday.




Saudi Pro League side Al Hilal have agreed a €90 million ($98.6m) deal with Paris Saint-Germain for Neymar, sources have told ESPN.


ESPN reported on Sunday that Brazil's joint all-time top scorer Neymar was close to agreeing personal terms with Al Hilal as the two clubs negotiated a deal. He will now join Al Hilal on a two-year contract with the option of a third.


Neymar will link up with new teammates Kalidou Koulibaly, Rúben Neves and Sergej Milinković-Savić, who all made the move to Al Hilal earlier this summer.


Al Hilal are one of four clubs -- along with Al Nassr, Al Ahli and Al Ittithad who were taken under the ownership of Saudi Arabia's Public Investment Fund in June as part of the country's so-called "Sports Clubs Investment and Privatization Project."



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