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Custom 'wheelless' bike


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Departing from the traditional circular wheels, he selected linear metal components adorned with chains. He then clothed them with rubber treads resembling the wheel belts found on tanks. To enable the pedals to drive the belt system, Sergii introduced an additional gear, connecting the pedals to the apex of the rear wheel. For stability, the wheels were securely affixed at two points, ensuring they maintained their angular orientation while riding the bicycle.


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So instead of one chain there are two. And instead of two tires with a small contact area to the ground there are rubber treads with huge contact area. Instead of an efficient energy to speed gearing with a normal bike he has this slower-than-walking contraption. 




I fucking hate "engineering" videos like this. Innovation isn't taking something and making it more shit. This is an idiotic waste of material and effort for no benefit other than "look what I did!" He made something stupid. That's what. 

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