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I went to a Turkish Barbers for the first time ever: the review


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So, I needed a haircut (for previously explained reasons) and had struggled to find anywhere with availability or wasn’t a pile of shite by the look of their website.


Asked my colleagues that live locally to work and they recommended the local Turkish Barbers. I walked in and asked for a walk-in, was told ‘of course’ and took my seat. So far, lovely experience.


Every member of the clientele looked the same: short hair (just in for a top up), tattoos, construction industry - so I stuck out like a sore thumb being none of those things.


I got called up after only 5-10 minutes waiting - I think, leapfrogging a few people waiting. Explained to the chap that my hair is thinning at the crown and wanted a skin fade with a #3 clipper cut on top. He talked me

round to a tight scissor trim and a beard trim instead with the skin fade.


Then off he went, minimal chat (perfect), took a lot of care, never rushed and did both a great job on my haircut, and a similarly great job

on my beard. Previous beard trims have been a very mixed bag with only one or two doing a good job, the rest so shit that I’ve opted to just do it myself. Finished off with a straight edge razor, a dash of fire to get rid of stray hairs and 30 minutes later job done.


£26 for both which was reasonable -

however, due to the various oils, beard balms, sprays, and products - I literally just smell of a Turkish barbers now.


8/10 - might repeat.

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1 hour ago, Commissar SFLUFAN said:


The Turkish barber features commentary approving of the genocide of Armenians, persecution of Kurds, and insulting of Greeks.

That didn't crop up on this visit but I’ll be sure to raise it to get in with the boys.


Mostly it’s about a focus on a very close trim, using Turkish colognes and oils for a lot of the cut - it wasn’t any different from a regular haircut, but it certainly contrasts with an ‘English’ cut. 

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