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The 2022-23 Mock Gambling Thread - Week 15 - BYE #2


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Welcome to our second and hopefully final BYE week of the MGT season.  Work has ramped up and on the personal side we're in the process of selling a house and with all the related showings and inspections and what not I just haven't had the extra time to noodle out the Week 14 results yet and get the new post up.  So instead let me share a few fun stats for this 2022-23 season of the Mock Gambling Thread for you to mull over on this Week 15 break.  Stats are through Week 13 as I haven't mathed Week 14 yet. :)


- How important are the prediction questions to keeping your fake money balance up? Well, here's what our leaderboard would look like if the questions didn't exist and we only bet on the Feature Game every week:


Slug - $5900
@AbsolutSurgen - $4300
@Keyser_Soze - $3900
@silentbob - $250
@thewhyteboar - $-1,600
@Commissar SFLUFAN - $-3,200
@Kal-El814 - $-3,200
@BasemntDweller2 - $-3,400
@Brian - $-3,700
@Dodger - $-4,500
@Biggie - $-14,200


As a group we're in the hole $-8,400!


- Collectively we've made a grand total of $155,250 worth of wagers


- We've only had one week where every player got their entry in on time (Week 3)!


- Six players have perfect attendance, getting their entry in every single week: Slug, AbsolutSurgen, Keyser_Soze, thewhyteboar, silentbob, and Biggie


- BasemntDweller2, Dodger, and Kal-El814 are our most lapsed players, having missed 6 entries each.


- Kal-El814 was voted Most Likely to make his accountant nervous, going All In on 5 of his 6 wagers!


- Our average bet on the Feature Game is $1,398.65!


Enjoy the off week, and think of me while I'm freezing my ass off at FedEx Field this Sunday Night. :)

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