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I'm Increasingly Convinced About the Notion of the Existence of Extraterrestrial Pancakes


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Many people choose to believe that aliens are all psychic. But, I'm convinced that most of the planet has powers that range all the way from small to immense. The whole question is like asking a mother if there are shark teeth hidden in the bathroom tile. It isn't something that anyone would want to know (much less for even more information than the fact that it was there.)

Still, the idea that pancakes could be alien is the least possible, of the many yet unfathomable mysteries that one seeks knowledge about. There are just too many open ended questions. And perhaps, this is also why my mind is so driven towards truly fascinating mysteries, myths, and legends.

I have had my fill of "hard" areas of knowledge. I used to wonder why time seemed to crawl at odd - minute speed or why it seemed to come as a flood, leaving us with little time to rest and prepare. I thought I had all the time in the world. When, in reality, I had no idea if tomorrow would come or not. And even if it did come, what would I do with it? I was busy living it up, trying to keep up with the living.


What do you think @unogueen?

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