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‘Speed Racer’ Live-Action TV Series From Bad Robot In Works At Apple TV+

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Would like to see how they go on the series in comparison to the underrated movie. Which I would absolutely love to see get a 4K/Atmos treatment. Anyways, they could use the Mandalorean tech for the races to make them look incredible. Amazing how much from The Batman was used for the Penguin car scene in the trailer. 

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I watched the cartoon as a kid. I don’t think I ever made it. through the Wachowski flick. No real feeling one way or the other on this.

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I never really remember the cartoon series but do know I watched some episodes when I was younger. I think they showed just enough in the trailer to get me excited, free pass from working at the theatre, was playing in IMAX and was in Toronto seeing a Dave Matthews Band concert. My movie was delayed 10min for technical problems, but my gawd that final race on the IMAX screen was just awesome and mesmerizing. I wanna see the movie get the HDR/Dolby Vision treatment because the colours are just so colourful and deserve the treatment. An Atmos track would be amazing too with the tracks pitched high above some of the audience/crowd both us and on screen

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