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"DLAA" (Deep Learning Anti Aliasing) to debut in ESO "This Fall"


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Presumably it is a performance increase in a manner of speaking. Rendering at a higher resolution than your native resolution and then down sampling is one of the best (or maybe the best?) forms of AA. So one thing you could imagine doing for better AA on your 4K res is using DLSS from 4K to 8K and then downsampling back to your native 4K res. Presumably DLAA is more efficient than that though and more efficient than true 8K rendering downsmapled to 4k.

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2 hours ago, Keyser_Soze said:


Does it need "more" AA? Probably not.


Does it need more efficient and higher quality AA? probably.


To what benefit though? That's what I mean. The game is running off a pretty old engine, and while they're still tweaking it with each new Chapter release, the game is only ever going to look so good. It's in what, it's 8th year?

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