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Wave Break - Amalagam of THPS, Wave Race and Shooty [Out Now for SWITCH and PC]


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So I got this on Switch, and I really love hate it. The game itself, is totally like someone stole it from my dreams at night. It’s still addictive in that Tony Hawk way. But man if you are doing tony hawk challenges you gotta make it control TIGHT and unfortunately it does not. The physics are obviously different since you are on a boat and it should control differently of course, but it still is just too loose and makes doing some of the challenges way more difficult than they should be. 


I don’t think it necessarily plays bad, but the type of challenges and level design are at odds with the control.


 Performance and visuals are also disappointing on switch. It’s super toned down from what you see in the trailer, which is expected but man the resolution is not good and the performance is not solid. It’s “60fps” but it doesn’t lock it and has slowdown in places that can make you mess up.


It does have a fov slider which I appreciate and it does make it a lot better setting to 85 and weirdly seems to run better.


But yeah, the game itself is still really fun and a good mix of things, but not nearly polished enough for a $30 release. Tighter controls and I guess a Switch Pro could have made this pretty great for me instead it’s just kinda good.

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